ALL ABOUT ME has been meeting the needs of preschooler’s and their families since 1976. 



Pre-school is the first place, outside the home, where a child tentatively explores thoughts, behaviors and creative expressions, and gauges their impact on adults as well as peers.  The goal of ALL ABOUT ME is to ensure success in the procession toward independence and to provide the bridge between home and school.



The philosophy at ALL ABOUT ME is communicated by our name.  The early childhood years are a time for self-discovery and exploration. The environment surrounding a child provides the reflection for his/her perception of self-critical factor in building self-esteem and feeling of accomplishment.



A well- orchestrated curriculum at ALL ABOUT ME provides developmentally appropriate experiences with integrating opportunities for enrichment. Incidental students provide “teachable moments” which enhance a love for learning – the greatest gift you can give a child.



Primary teachers and educational assistants work in harmony with parents to provide a “good day” for each child.  INDIVIDUAL needs and capabilities are met while striving to enrich the five selves of the “whole child – “emotional, social, physical, cognitive and creative.

A “good day” at ALL ABOUT ME provides time for play, language enrichment, art, music and movement as well as the readiness skills for reading and number concepts in preparation for kindergarten.  Cooking, field trips, and holiday celebrations also enhance the program.

Carol Gorycki is the Director as well as the founder of ALL ABOUT ME.   Many years of experience in the field of early childhood education have been enhanced by a Master’s degree in the areas of Special Education.  Both are helpful in working with parents and staff to identify needs which might require early intervention.  The privilege of teaching in the field of early childhood development as an adjunct professor at a local college has provided a wealth of opportunity for both learning and teaching and thus-has enhanced the school policy of staff development.  Membership in many professional organizations has encouraged further growth.

Professional development is maintained through ongoing courses offered by the Child Care Council as well as seminars offered by the Suffolk Association for the Education of Children.  Monthly staff meetings are utilized to explore different components of Early Childhood Curriculum as well as child development.  Continuous re-evaluation of the program based on individual age group needs is included.

An integral part of the environment at ALL ABOUT ME includes a professional, warm and nurturing staff.    The certified teachers and highly trained education assistants adhere to the concept that “children learn what they live”.  We are constantly aware of the responsibility we have as role models.  Therefore, the “golden rule"  prevails with respect, courtesy, dignity and integrity ever present in the environment.