We have added a full-day option to our already rewarding 4-year program.  The full-day program includes a half–day of our developmentally appropriate, well rounded early childhood program as well as a half-day of enrichment to further prepare your child for kindergarten.  The full-day allows your child’s teacher to expand on concepts introduced in our half-day program.


The program incorporates centers and project work to facilitate the children’s academic and social adjustment while contributing to the acquisition of the skills and knowledge associated with academic success.  Concepts are explored through problem solving, creativity and discovery which include hands on projects such as designing our own city and recreating the rain forest.  This provides learning opportunities in math, science, literacy, and social growth--all utilizing a higher level of thinking skills.


Each child works on his/her own language arts notebook throughout the year which includes poetry as well as dictated experiences and stories.  The opportunity to share and discuss current events presents itself in our “News Reporter” of the week.  This activity enhances verbal skills and broadens the children’s understanding of their community and the world.  The children also enjoy a sense of independence as they share lunch together during our “lunch bunch” time.  After lunch we include some yoga (for relaxing) and weather permitting we have more outdoor playtime.


Both of our programs focus on each child’s individual physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.